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Villain AccessoriesBeauty can come in a variety of forms, and can generate from unexpected inspiration. Brandi Collins, creator of Villain Accessories, finds beauty and light in that which is ostensibly dark. Embalmer and Funeral Director by day, and Jewelry Designer by night, Brandi embraces a life of seemingly disparate worlds. However, her passion for helping people who are dealing with death lends itself directly to the creative beauty of her artwork, and the two pursuits overlap and interlace to drive one another.
Brandi began designing and creating jewelry over six years ago from her workshop in Pleasanton, CA and she continues to refine her skills from some of the best educators in Northern California. Because her work primarily involves assisting families in a time of crisis and genuinely connecting with her clients, it is emotionally rewarding, but also incredibly draining. As a result, she turned to jewelry as a method of personal rejuvenation.
Villain Accessories is about being beautiful – about finding beauty in the abnormal and the darkly inspirational. Each piece is crafted from an interpretation of what is beautiful, and will empower the wearer with the ability to outwardly project the beauty that lies within themselves.

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