How to pick the perfect piece for Mom

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Shopping for mom isn’t always easy. Some already have a large jewelry collection, some aren’t into jewelry as much, and some fall somewhere in between. With so many options, it can be tough narrowing your search down to a piece that will satisfy her most. Does she like bold, striking pieces that make a statement? Or would she prefer subtle accessories? White or yellow gold? Diamonds or colored stones? Jewelry, with enough thought and consideration, can make a memorable and heartfelt gift that is customized specifically to her. But where to start?

1.   What are her wants and needs?

Does your mom have an armoire full of necklaces but hardly any rings? Maybe she could use one! Be sure to avoid getting her something that she already has too many of, or doesn’t have the desire for. Maybe you think that ruby pendant is gorgeous, but she already has two others. Has she pointed out something in a store or on a friend, or in a magazine that she liked? She may have dropped a few hints.

2.   Think about her style and individuality

Is she a sporty mom requiring easy-to-wear pieces or is she a fashionista who likes her jewelry to be center of attention? For some, jewelry is best worn to serve a purpose, like a watch to keep on time, or locket that holds pictures of loved ones. If your mom has a relaxed style, she may not be thrilled about flashy diamond hoops. On the other hand, if your mom loves to strut her stuff, a simple gold ring may not suit her taste.

3.   Consider gifts she has gotten in the past

Think about jewelry she may have been given in the past – how did she react? Does she still wear it today? If she has had some bad feelings about past gifts, think about what it was that she didn’t like. Maybe a stone was a color she didn’t like or the length of a chain didn’t fit her well, sometimes even the metal type or color is what she doesn’t like. Avoid having a repeat incident by remembering what kind of gifts really made her eyes light up.

4.   Is it appropriate? Would it flatter her?

Some mom’s may like the idea of jewelry, but don’t know themselves what would look best or what kind she likes most. In this case, you will need to take matters into your own hands and take time to research and invest in something you think would look great on her. Consider her wardrobe, lifestyle, and personal taste. This is a great chance to wow her with something you can see looking great on her that she may not have even considered.

5.   Will it make her happy?

The most important thing to keep in mind is her happiness. No matter what you choose, gifts are most heartfelt when they are sincere and thought through. Jewelry is always a nice option, but will be the most memorable if you take the time to get something you know for a fact she’ll love. That way, she will continue to wear it and love it for a lifetime.



Making a statement with jewelry

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One fabulous piece of jewelry, or a combination of pieces, can truly make an outfit. Just look at any red carpet starlet – her accessories can make or break an ensemble! Sometimes the jewelry is more impressive than the outfit itself. One thing is for sure, there is no ignoring a great piece of jewelry.

This being said, depending on your fashion preference and lifestyle, jewelry can enhance it in a variety of ways. Looking for a gift? Consider the following types for inspiration…

1.   The Glamorous Fashionista

You know who you (or they) are. If you fall into this category, you love all things sparkly and eye-catching. Ladies who appreciate the drama that jewelry can bring to a look would appreciate detailed bib necklaces, blinged-out diamond rings, or dangling chandelier earrings.  Definitely not a plain jane!

2.   The Subtle Beauty

For some, jewelry doesn’t take center stage. Maybe they prefer to leave their style up to their clothing or other accessories, and the jewelry they wear only subtly complements it. Think dainty chains, stud earrings, or thin understated bracelet. Nothing too loud or bold here.

3.   Pretty and Practical

This is a woman who not only likes to be stylish, but appreciates pieces that serve a useful purpose. Why not get something more out of it than just a look? Here, go for watches, especially ones with multiple functions, lockets, and jewelry that can be worn a variety of ways and with a variety of outfits. The more a piece can do, the better!

4.   Statement-maker (literally)

Jewelry that conveys a message is an obvious way to make a statement, and is fairly common. Just think of all the pieces that involve symbols of some kind, or maybe engraved words, even pictures.  Charm bracelets are a perfect example, and are an easy way to express yourself. If giving as a gift, make sure the statement the piece conveys really captures their essence and would be something they appreciate.

5.   Classic vs. Contemporary

Sometimes, a person’s style can be a reflection of their preference for certain time periods. Pearls, brooches, and vintage pieces contrast greatly from modern styles. Pay attention to their wardrobe, if getting as a gift. Put thought into whether it will fit in with their look. Maybe casually point out a piece in a magazine and see how they react to it.

No matter who you are shopping for, yourself or others, make sure you spend time considering what to get. If a piece doesn’t jump out initially as the perfect gift, seek others advice or take another approach to your research. It’s worth investing some time and effort to ensure your purchase is memorable and perfect.


Caring for Sterling Silver jewelry

In order to ensure the jewelry you invest in stays looking great for years to come, it is important to take necessary precautions and measures to protect it.

Storing your jewelry correctly is the biggest step you can take to extend its wearable life. Wrapping individual sterling silver pieces in a soft cloth or bag will prevent tarnish, scratches, and tangles. There are specially designed jewelry armoires and boxes with individual slots in order to make this easy. An added benefit of storing them this way is organization, which will lower the chances of losing a piece. Earring holders with tiny holes are perfect for storing numerous pairs of earrings and preventing misplacement.
Make sure wherever your pieces are stored, they are in a cool dry place. Moisture and light will encourage tarnishing.

When wearing silver jewelry, be careful applying perfumes, lotions, and other solutions, as these might encourage tarnishing as well. If possible, remove sterling silver before washing hands or bathing.

Invest in a sterling silver jewelry cleaning cloth or solution to do maintenance on pieces starting to tarnish. These products can be found cheaply online or in jewelry stores. Polishing cloths or fine felt will give your pieces a nice shine once clean. Avoid using paper towels or rough papers as they can leave tiny scratches and dull the metal.

Sterling silver is not as undestructable as gold, but if taken care of and properly stored, it can give you many years of wearable elegance.

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